Provincial Recreation Council (PROREC NW)

The Provincial Recreation Council (PROREC NW) is responsible for facilitating recreation service delivery at local authority level and consists of the various Local Recreation Councils (LORECs) as well as other NGOs.

The North West Province is the first province to introduce LORECs in South Africa, making it the leading province in this regard. After the establishment of the South African National Recreation Council (SANREC) in 1998 the PRORECs in all provinces were also established. Since then the North West is the only province that maintained this function.

The LORECs were established in every community to assist in the development and formation of activities like outdoor and adventure recreation, corporate recreation, community recreation, aerobics and fitness, recreation for people with disabilities and other recreation consumer groups not catered for by these mentioned.

Specific provincial recreational programmes include:

  • Fun and Games (for the youth)
  • Indigenous Games
  • Fitness and Health (for active senior citizens)
  • Therapeutic Recreation (for persons with disabilities)
  • Recreational Rehabilitation (for people in prisons)
  • Chess (Special programme to improve problem solving and memory skills, reading scores, critical thinking and reasoning skills).

Our focus for the years to come will be based on the theme: “Integration through Recreation”.

This theme has many applications of which the most important is to integrate communities in the Province and to get people involved in recreation activities and clubs.

It is the vision of PROREC NW that recreation in this province may grow and contribute to the quality life of people in the North West firstly and secondly, that this province should remain the leading province in terms of recreation service delivery.

Abseiling is an adventure
Jumping castle at a sports event
Exercise is fun
Swimming lessons